Beloved curmudgeon, accomplished author/speaker, and dear friend Cec Murphey has released ANOTHER book to bless and encourage us. This time our mutual friend Twila Belk is co-author, so I’m twice as excited! If you or anyone you know is now, has ever been, or may ever be a caregiver, you need this book! Here’s what the publisher has to say:

Beloved authors Cecil Murphey and Twila Belk know that caring for an ill or elderly loved one can be very difficult—and yet inspires a deep sense of love and peace of mind. Beautifully written and laced with stunning photos by nature photographer Betty Fletcher, this book is full of gentle wisdom and personal stories that help the caregiver with such matters as
feeling guilty for doing too much, too little, or nothing at all
answering other people’s well-meaning but insensitive questions
watching a dearly loved one suffer through difficult days
Because You Care is a breath of fresh air for those who are in a long-term care arrangement. Here they find practical help, sweet encouragement, and holy inspiration.