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    Kathi Macias is a popular speaker for the annual Orange County Christian Writers’ Day in Southern California. Her workshops on fiction and non-fiction writing methods are filled to capacity, and local writers seek out her advice during private consultations. Kathi is a delight to work with, supportive of writers at any level, and willing to adapt her presentations to the needs of our conference. Kathi is one of our most popular speakers.
    Jeanne Pallos, Speaker Coordinator, Orange County (California) Christian Writers Fellowship
    Kathi is a favorite speaker at our annual writers’ conferences. Her heart for writing page-turning books and for developing other writers who can do the same is evident through the many facets of her writing and speaking ministry. To hear Kathi speak or to read her words is to be exceedingly blessed.
    Peggy Matthews Rose, Board Member, Orange County (California) Christian Writers Fellowship
    I remember Kathi teaching our adult Sunday school class. She always made the lessons real because she did her research and applied this knowledge to current events. Kathi is fun to be with and effectively uses humor in her writing and teaching.
    Sheila Vanderford, Clatskanie, Oregon
    I can vividly remember one of the first times I heard Kathi Macias speak. Her calming spirit lit up the room. Her natural grace and passion for the Word of God was so powerful that it has stuck with me over many years. Kathi is very devoted to all the work that she does, whether it be speaking, writing or teaching, and that devotion manifests itself in all her pursuits.
    Robin Farmer, Camarillo, California
    Kathi Macias is a poignant speaker, passionate about writing. Her quote, ‘Writers read! If you’re not reading, you shouldn’t be writing!’ left an indelible mark on my life.
    Pastor Monique Robinson, Author of Longing for Daddy, WaterBrook Press Irvine, California
    Kathi Macias is an inspirational speaker who motivates her listeners draw into a closer walk with Jesus. Her humor, wit and story-telling will have you laughing, contemplating, and crying, all within a matter of minutes. Her truthfulness and transparency as she tells of her life adventures causes her audience to desire to be real about their spiritual journey. They better learn to draw their strength from the Lord, as Kathi continues to encourage them to walk close to Him. Having heard her speak at both one-day events and weekend retreats, I can honestly say she leaves everyone wanting to hear more…
    JoAnne Provost, Women’s Ministries Nuevo Community Church
    Kathi Macias is not only personable, but her passion is contagious. We’d love to have her back again.
    Shirley Barber, Women’s Ministry Leader, People’s Church, Fresno, CA
    I found Kathi Macias’ book The Train-of-Thought Writing Method an invaluable aid. Kathi’s help was absolutely essential to the completion of “September Dawn.” Her editorial assistance and expertise took the writing to another level.
    Carole Whang Schutter, Author of novel and screenplay, “September Dawn”
    I have known Kathi Macias for almost 20 years. As well as being an excellent author and teacher of writing, she is also a wonderful speaker and encourager. God has given her a heart for helping people to heal and restore their relationships–first their relationships with God and then their relationships with other people. As a result, she often speaks about the need for forgiveness, with the story of the prodigal son being a primary point of reference.
    Susan Titus Osborn, Author of 28 books and Director of The Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service Fullerton, California
    Kathi Macias has a passion for God and for His people. She came to us with a humble heart and taught us of God’s love. We will never forget her visit to us or the healing words she spoke.
    John, Inmate, Huntsville Prison, Texas