Godly Sorrow

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Godly Sorrow is Better for Them and Us!
by Kathy Collard Miller and Larry Miller

Several years ago, a friend passed along confidential information about us and we were hurt. It initially felt “right” to wallow in our pain and we wanted to strike out in anger. But […]

Just in Time for the Fourth of July!

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fullpaperback(32)Happy Fourth of July!


Imagine how the signers of The Declaration of Independence feel while looking down from heaven and listening to their critics. The thought never occurred to me until my publisher asked me to write a fictional short story relating how John Hancock experienced the […]

Excellent Writing/Editing Resource, Plus Giveaways!

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Proofreading Secrets_FrontCover

Ever wonder how best-selling authors achieved their success? Part of the answer is attention to detail. In Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors, professional freelance author/editor Kathy Ide shares tips she’s picked up during her years in the publishing industry. You’ll learn how multi-published authors check […]

Wonderful New Patriotic Book!

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I’m excited to tell you all about a wonderful book from our “adopted” (spiritually) daughters, Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting. If you love God and country, you really need a copy of this! Here’s some info about it:

Guest Blog from Dina Sleiman

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DFDW Final

A big hello to all of Kathi’s followers. My name is Dina Sleiman. I am a novelist and an editor for WhiteFire Publishing. Although Kathi and I are separated by a continent and at least one generation, she and I have some very important things […]