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This is a wonderful new book from talented author/designer Christine Le and her husband, Michel. Read on–and then get a copy. You’ll be glad you did–and you’ll want more to pass on to others.


Kingdom of Nain      

By Christine Lê  

Illustrated by Michel Lê

The first book in a Christian trilogy, for ages 8-14.  A journey to become best friends with God.

ordering link: amzn.to/12sxOqy

When Elisha prays to make God her best friend, she finds herself in a mysterious kingdom with angels and a golden lamb. The angels give Elisha five ancient scrolls. Each has a secret that will bring her closer to God. But time is running out. A mysterious man is plotting to close the doors to the kingdom, and tempt her onto a darker path. What are the five secrets? Can Elisha complete her mission before the man intervenes? And what will happen if she does become friends with God?

This is a heavenly inspired story you will want to experience and share, from a seasoned, equipped, and empowered author.”  Joyce Dinkins, author & editor.

I highly recommend it! As a parent, I am so thankful that my children have some life-giving fiction books to read. This definitely falls into that category.”  A. Powell, Prayer Ministry Leader

I loved it. I’m reading it again this weekend.” M. Rose, aged 12

ALL profits from the book will be used for donating free copies to children in need, and for book promotion.