My friend, colleague, and talented poet Doris Washington has written a book that will take you on a journey of faith and joy to new beginnings. This is a book you’ll want for yourself, plus some to give to friends and family. You will not be the same after reading it.

Book Description:
The Joy In The Morning and a New Day Begins is all about healing, positive thinking, joy, encouragement, inspiration, the awareness of autism, peace, faith, hope and love. Every chapter of poems enlightens the reader to be inspired to hold on to that joy in the morning, a positive approach to living life, no matter what each new day may bring in the course of our daily lives. May all who read this collection may it give you that joy in the morning we all long for, to have every moment of each day and every day.

Author Bio:
Doris Washington is a spiritual writer, poet, entrepreneur of DORIS’ POEMS, disability advocate and author of three books of poems. She has done over 300 book signings across the country. And she has received a letter of acknowledgement from President Barack Obama for her poem This Day, A Promise, A Dream Fulfilled in honor of him. She has received a letter of acknowledgement from Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York for her poem The Sun Still Shines In The Morning in honor of September 2001, and this poem is in the 911 Memorial Museum that was submitted in September 2011, shortly after its opening. Her poems of inspiration has received wonderful appraise by many as truly inspirational. Her desire hopes is that her poems will be an inspiration to many all over the world.

A Soldier For Peace

(In memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

Excerpt from Faith, Hope & Love Poems of Inspiration by Doris Washington

A Soldier for peace stands mighty and strong.

He stands against racial injustice,

With the love of God-

He Marches On!

A Soldier for peace fights for the civil rights

Of an oppressed people,

For justice and “sweet liberty.”

A Soldier fights for their dignity,

For their place,

For equal opportunity.

He leads hundreds on sit-ins,


Demonstrations for peace,

Fighting for their freedom,

Yours, and mine.

A Soldier for peace stands tall,

As he fights to end racial discrimination for all time.

A Soldier for peace was shot down.

But his fight for freedom and justice for all-

Remains Strong!

This Soldier For Peace-

A Mighty Warrior!

Brother Martin!

Your Memory Lives On!

Soldiers for peace light the candle of hope to burn brightly in the hearts of all.

***A Soldier For Peace copyright c Doris Washington, April 2008. All rights reserved.

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