Read what Tyndale author Jeanette Windle says about my next release, People of the Book, the fourth and final offering in the Extreme Devotion series from New Hope Publishers and now available at Amazon, CBD, and Barnes and Noble for pre-order:

Young women developing a friendship through an on-line chat room shouldn’t be trouble—unless one or more of them is from Saudi Arabia and the topic of discussion is Isa Masih–Jesus Christ. People of the Book is a tale of searching and finding, of love, courage, and sacrifice. And if the inevitable clash of a young girl’s faith and Muslim family honor is painted with deadly and heart-wrenching realism, interwoven throughout is the comforting reminder that cradling the smallest falling sparrow are the everlasting arms of a loving heavenly Father. A story that will challenge hearts and minds.–Jeanette Windle, author Veiled Freedom, Freedom’s Stand