Breaking Chains Ministry exists to rescue children from sex-trafficking and prostitution in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. Here is what their prayer coordinator, Christine Nicolayeff, has to say about Red Ink:

“Red Ink is the story of Yang Zhen-Li, a young Chinese woman imprisoned and persecuted for her Christian faith. It is a work of fiction, but could as well be nonfiction, for similar stories are lived out every day in China and elsewhere. As the persecution intensifies, two women far across the world are moved to pray for an unknown individual. As they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, God strengthens and encourages Yang Zhen Li. The results of her faithful perserverance are life-transforming for her and for others. Another story within the story concerns a young girl who is nearly sold to traffickers and of how God uses prayer as a channel for His mercy. I recommend this book. It is well-written and deeply moved my heart.”

Please consider learning more about this wonderful ministry, will you? Here is their contact information:

Breaking Chains Ministry: (619) 752-6325
PO Box 27524
San Diego, Ca 92198