Now here’s a party you don’t want to miss if you live ANYWHERE near Hershey or Lancaster, PA–OR if you’re on Facebook! Not only will you have fun at the party and have a chance to meet author Angela Breidenbach (former Mrs. Montana!), but you’ll get a free Kathi Macias book with every purchase of Angie’s book. How cool is that??? Here’s the info:

Simple Elegance Progressive Party Oct. 24th at the Book Cellar of Hershey from Noon-2p.m. Eastern. Then the party progresses to the Book Cellar of Lancaster 3-5p.m. Eastern and online at this link: Online Noon-5p.m. Eastern.

Come and learn a great Sage Turkey recipe for Thanksgiving and the most simple and elegant ways to serve your guests!

It’s a progressive party with even more prizes at each stop! Author/Speaker Angela Breidenbach will share ideas about simple, elegant, and joyful holiday preparations, hear yours, and give away prizes throughout the Simple Elegance party. Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance will also be available for signing, purchase, and ideas.

Chocolate spoons for attendees and how to make them as well as simple Gems of Wisdom chocolates with your personalized gem of wisdom.

Oct 24th, Noon – 5 p.m. Eastern, on the Facebook event page and on Twitter if you can’t be in Hershey and Lancaster, PA in person you can play online with us 🙂 Special guest, Kathi Macias, will TRY to pop into the online party (if she finishes her own book-signing in Nuevo, CA on time!) to talk about one of her books, My Son John. Don’t miss it!

Pre-orders for Gems of Wisdom: A Treasure-Filled Life will also be available as well as monthly contests leading up to the March 2011 release.

About Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance:
Creative, gorgeous, elegant recipes to make inexpensive meals by a Weight Watcher Leader/Ambassador. Includes notations for Celiac, IBD (Colitis, Crohn’s, IBD), and Weight Loss. Full color photos for each dish including some step-by-step photos. Luscious uses for left overs, special Christmas treats, international flavors mixed with great American style made with easily found ingredients. Food that tastes like it’s been handed down for generations (well, some recipes have.) Try Swedish Pancakes, Quick & Easy Eggdrop Soup, Bruchetta Ensalada, Sweet Potato & Apple Streusel, Mexican Lasagna, Blooming Chicken Savories, and Grandma Bigelow’s Orange Rolls. Just don’t forget to make the Caramel Corn for your Christmas gifts, if you can get it out of the house!