“I hope it works out for you!”
“I hope things go as expected.”
“I hope things improve soon.”
“I hope I find my way out of this mess some day.”

We all hope for something, don’t we? In fact, we pursue hope and cling to it with every breath, for after all, without it, why go on? People commit suicide because they ran out of hope. But the Bible talks about “the hope that doesn’t disappoint,” and that’s the hope author and cancer survivor Yvonne Ortega refers to in her excellent book, “Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer.”

Now I know not everyone has breast cancer or even knows someone who does. If you do, then this book is exactly what you need. But if not, you (or someone you love) need a book to strengthen your grip on hope. This practical book of 60 inspirational readings by author and speaker Yvonne Ortega is just the ticket!