As one who not only read but contributed to Allison Bottke’s book on setting boundaries with our adult children, I’m pleased now to recommend her book on the “other side” of this difficult “sandwich generation”–a sandwich I’ve been in the middle of for many years! My children are grown now, with lives of their own, and Allison’s book was so helpful to me during that long letting-go process. Now I’m dealing more with the aging parent portion of the equation, as my nearly 89-year-old mother lives with me and requires more and more of my time and energy with each passing day.

Thank the Lord for Allison’s commitment to help the rest of us learn how to set healthy boundaries, whatever our situation! Setting Boundaries with Your Aging Parents, whether your parents live with you or not, is a must-have resource for anyone in our situation. I strongly recommend it and plan to dog-ear it as much as I did the previous book. To find out more about this dynamic lady and her books/ministry go to Blessings, dear readers!