I receive so many questions and concerns about the marketing end of publishing these days. Because of that, when I also received the following from a dear and trusted Christian friend, Shell Washam, I decided I should help spread the word. If you get a chance, check it out and consider signing up. Here it is:

Are you looking for new ways to market your books and speaking services in a market that seems to be saturated with similar books and speakers with the same message? Do you know how to convince potential buyers to choose your book over the dozens or even hundreds just like yours? Join us for this LIVE telecast with Internet marketing guru and award winning web developer, Michele “Shell” Washam as she shares her secrets for successfully marketing your books, ministry, and speaking services in todays difficult market. Some of the topics we’ll cover:- The reality of today’s market- Setting yourself apart from the rest. Creating a unique niche. – Offering the right products & services for today’s consumer.- Why the same methods don’t work.- Making money with fee based webcasts.- Packaging your products or “on-demand” sales.- Reaping what you sow.- Using Social Media properly.- Keyword placement and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).- Technology – You may not get it, but your customers EXPECT it. – Marketing Facelift on a budget.- Unique marketing campaign ideas. – MORE! This are just a sampling of the topics we’ll cover with an extensive question and answer session and working examples. Our marketing events book quickly so register today to guarantee your place in this highly informative event. Learn more at: http://www.englishmountainpress.com/marketing/index.htmReserve your seat at: http://saturatedmarket-efbevent.eventbrite.com