Balance. Anyone else have trouble maintaining it? I sure do! Between home and family responsibilities, church involvement and ministry demands, this being a leader stuff can get a bit exhausting!

I know. Many women would argue that they’re not even leaders. Really? Do you have kids? Do you work? Do you spend time in ministry at church? To one degree or another, most of us are leaders, though we often feel frustrated and ineffective in such a role.

Dr. Linda M. Clark, in her new book, Awaken the Leader in You, addresses these common frustrations by providing ten essentials for bringing life into balance, which is the foundation of effective leadership. Grounded in Scripture and with a host of practical ideas for leadership enhancement, the author coaches readers to awaken to their leadership balance in order to achieve expectations, complete projects with excellence, reach objectives, equip others, and establish a legacy that will empower generations of future leaders. You can find this excellent resource online at Amazon, CBD, Barnes and Noble, or