Terror by Night by Terry Caffey with James Pence is the chilling but tragically true story of murder, treachery, and ultimately, forgiveness and restoration.

Within a matter of hours, Terry Caffey’s home was invaded, his family slaughtered, and he himself attacked and seriously injured. Believing he is the only survivor, he is overjoyed to learn that his sixteen-year-old daughter has also been spared. And then she is arrested for the crime.

Terror by Night will take you on an unbelievable journey that will shock your sense of reality and challenge your commitment to unconditional love. But in the end you will find yourself stirred to love as Terry Caffey loved, the same way Jesus loved Terry…and all of us: undeservedly and without limits. Out of that amazing love will flow a new appreciation of God’s mercy and grace, as well as healing to those places we all have where hardness and unforgiveness threaten our ability to hear from and walk with God.