Fellow authors and dear frinds Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson have “cooked up” a very popular fiction series about a group of women lovingly referred to as “The Potluck Club.” A Taste of Fame is their most recent offering, and thanks to their gracious publisher (Revell) I recently had the opportunity to read this humorous and well written novel. I also received a copy of The Potluck Club Cookbook, which is full of fantastic recipes that I can’t wait to try! Of course, if you haven’t read their previous Potluck Club books, you need to start there. But wherever you are in this Potluck series–just starting or well into it and an established fan–don’t miss this newest novel or its accompanying cookbook. In fact, they’d make terrific gifts for all your family and friends who also love to read and/or cook. So don’t miss them!