A Message from the Author of When Someone You Love No Longer Remembers

Two memories stirred in me when Harvest House Publishers asked me to write a gift book for those who love individuals with dementia.

The first happened when I was Ben Cartledge’s pastor. He said, “We think my dad has Alzheimer’s Disease.”

I expressed my sympathy because I had read a little about the disease. But I didn’t think much about it and I hardly knew the man.

Months later, I went with Ben to visit his father. We went outside where we could walk around the yard. His father picked a dandelion. He smiled at the flower and touched it.

Before we realized what he was doing, Mr. Cartledge ate the yellow leaves, smiled, and before we could do anything, he stuck the rest of the weed, stem and all, into his mouth. I might have laughed, but I saw the pain on Ben’s face.

For a long time, that was my picture of dementia.

The second story concerns my mother. I visited my hometown. I hadn’t seen her in more than a year. Although I had spoken to her regularly on the phone, I had detected nothing.

Once I saw her, the almost-blank expression on her face shocked me. Her conversation didn’t always make sense. One time she seemed to be aware and said, “My inner ear that makes me this way.” She turned, walked into the kitchen, and stuck her finger in the butter and licked it.

Then I knew.

I haven’t lived with a person with dementia but I’ve known and loved too many individuals with AD. It’s a painful situation for those who become the caregivers.

The sick may not feel any pain, but the caregivers are never without the inner hurt.


With a caring spirit, Cecil Murphey provides comfort, advice, and prayers for those who journey alongside a loved one whose memory is fading. Tranquil paintings of popular artist Michal Sparks provide a sanctuary for caregivers, friends, and family members as they draw strength from firsthand stories of those who have walked a similar path. Murphey offers simple, invaluable guidance on how to:

· take care of themselves and seek assistance

· shape new ways to communicate with their loved one

· help others connect with the person

· introduce activities and exercise to enhance health and mobility

For those walking a sometimes lonely journey, this gift offers a gentle voice of support and is a hopeful reminder of the moments of peace that they and their loved one can still experience together.

Harvest House Publishers ~ ISBN: 978-0736938716 ~ Price: $10.99

Veteran author Cecil (Cec) Murphey has written or co-written more than 120 books, including the New York Times’ bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven (with Don Piper) and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (with Dr. Ben Carson). Two of his more recent titles are Knowing God, Knowing Myself and When a Man You Love Was Abused. His books have sold in the millions and have given hope and encouragement to countless readers around the world. For more information about Cecil Murphey, visit www.cecilmurphey.com, or contact Twila Belk at twilabelk@mchsi.com.