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We all love “fair weather days,” but we’ve also all had those partly cloudy with scattered worries ones, haven’t we? Best-selling author Kathy Collard Miller addresses those days–and what we can do about them–in her wonderful new release, which you can WIN by leaving a comment. BE SURE TO LEAVE CLEAR CONTACT INFO SO WE CAN NOTIFY YOU IF YOU WIN! Read Kathy’s guest blog below to learn more about her.

Journey Out of Ministry
by Kathy Collard Miller

Over a period of 30 years, I’d written 49 books and spoken in 30 states and seven foreign countries. God had used me in mighty ways, yet the counselor sitting before me exclaimed, “That has nothing to do with Jesus!”
Nothing to do with Jesus? I’m glad there was nothing in my mouth because my sputtering would have spread the food all over her face. How could she possibly say such a thing? I had done it all in Jesus’ power and for His glory. Was she crazy?
But after processing her words, I looked at my husband, often my cowriter and cospeaker, and we knew it was true. The four days of intensive counseling had brought us to this point of seeing the selfish motives that drove much of our ministry. What we gained from the applause and affirmation was more important than God’s glory. God was more interested in our motives than our accomplishment. It was a humbling moment.
When the counselor brought up a possible sabbatical, tears sprang to my eyes and Larry gulped back emotion. We nodded and knew we had to be willing to give up ministry forever. Otherwise, we’d make it business as usual at the end of a short time.
Although it was a relief to enter a time of rest, it was heart wrenching. I’d just had a new book released. Without my marketing, it went out of print quickly. I worried about for my reputation. Certainly, I would be considered a flake. Over and over again, I chose to trust God.
And thus began an intensively intimate time with God, spending every day reading, praying, and journaling, along with more counseling. I called it the “Beloved Woodshed” as God took me to the spiritual woodshed to reveal motives and unholy, sinful reactions. Tears, confession, repentance, surrender became every day’s journey with God.
And it was gloriously freeing. Though difficult facing my sin, it was like shedding layers of filthy clothes. We were becoming more holy and pleasing to God.
But would God call us back into ministry? The glow of intense time in His presence over-ruled my worry. After 18 months, we sensed God releasing us. We were excited and thrilled. Yet scared. What would it be like? I planned to send out an announcement about my availability to speak. I anticipated the welcome replies I knew would come. I was back!
But the Holy Spirit caught me in my tracks. Already, I was drinking from the well of applause and affirmation. I realized God was not releasing me to market myself but only consider whatever doors He opened.
Then Larry’s 91-year-old mother, Audrey, was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, which includes paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. She moved in with us. What had happened to the release for ministry? Now we faced caring for a woman who accused us of trying to kill her. And for two-and-a-half years, we again learned our value was in Christ without any appreciation from a demented woman. God worked more “Beloved Woodshed” transformation. I tried not to worry that the longer I was gone from ministry, the harder it would be to re-enter.
In the midst of that sabbatical God designed a third. For six months I had intense sciatic pain and could offer nothing of value to others as I laid in bed helpless. I learned another facet of how my value was based in God alone. Only after surgery did my pain slowly subside.
Now, three years after my surgery, God has actively opened doors. Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries, the book that quickly went out of print when I went into sabbatical, is being re-released. My 50th book has just been accepted and will be published Spring, 2015.
Through it all, my trust in God has grown and my worry has subsided. God knows what He’s doing!

It is possible to worry less through trusting God more. Regardless of the storms of trials, temptations, worry, uncertainty, confusion, or regrets that you’re facing, you can trust God more. Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries offers a conversational style, personal testimonies, practical illustrations, and solid biblical teaching for breaking anxiety and the devastating effects of worry. Each chapter includes Discussion Questions for individuals or groups, along with a “Letter from God.” In addition, a profile of a woman in the Bible who struggled with or experienced victory over worry is featured in each chapter to inspire every reader to see God’s hand in her life.
Kathy Collard Miller is a speaker and author. Her passion is to inspire women to trust God more. She has spoken in 30 states and 7 foreign countries. Kathy has 49 published books including Women of the Bible: Smart Guide to the Bible (Thomas Nelson) and she blogs at Kathy lives in Southern California with her husband of 43 years, Larry, and is the proud grandma of Raphael. Kathy and Larry often speak together at marriage events and retreats.

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